Duo Nagai-Weitzel


Chie Nagai - Voice, Objects
Joshua Weitzel - Shamisen









photo: Samuel Nerl

現代三味線デュオ Contemporary Shamisen Duo 
In this duo with Saito Ryota, we explore new possibilities in sound-making on the shamisen. Our research has given us a steadily growing repertoire of noises, emphasising extended technique and crossing the notion of "tradition". Our aim is to transport the shamisen into the 21 century chamber music context.



Photo: Akira Saito

Takatsuki Trio Quartett 

A trio only as a quartet with an always changing fourth member.


Rieko Okuda - Piano
Antti Virtaranta - Double Bass
Joshua Weitzel - Guitar / Shamisen







Photo: Cristina Marx

Green New Deal


Australian-German Free Jazz Trio


Massimo Magee - Saxophone and Clarinet

Tim Green - Drums

Joshua Weitzel - Guitar / Shamisen

Photo: Mihee Kim-Magee

Interrogation Duo 

Massimo Magee - Reeds and Electronics
Joshua Weitzel - Shamisen and Guitar


Photo: Mihee Kim-Magee

Ensemble für Experimentelle Kammermusik Kassel 

Composed Music. Own works, and works of others.

changing cast of members


Ove Volquartz - Reeds
Eric Petzoldt - Flutes and Saxes

Joshua Weitzel - Guitars
Sven Krug - Bass
Ralf Wagner - Drums

Ulrike Lentz - Flutes, JW - Shamisen

Ulrike Lentz and Joshua Weitzel are experts for extended techniques on their instruments. They make full use of their means of sound production in this duo, resulting in playful improvisations that do not fear taking risk and encompass a sonic landscape ranging from almost lyrical melodies to odd noises. 

RAW Trio (Since 2017)

Loui Lerroy - Electric Guitar, etc.
Rabito Arimoto - Trumpet, Cornet, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Joshua Weitzel - Acoustic Guitar, Shamisen


A trio with the two most radical young improvisers from Osaka, balancing on the edge of abstract and melodic.

Duo Weitzel/ Petzoldt 
Eric Petzoldt (Saxophone) and Joshua Weitzel (Electronics, Guitar) play music that synthesises the lyrical element of Jazz with Noise music.




Photo: Patrick Vierthaler